NFT fraud at OpenSea –

OpenSea, a crypto collectibles marketplace selling rare and valuable digital goods, has been targeted by scammers on its official Discord channel.

No cooperation between YouTube and OpenSea

Cryptocurrency journalist and insider Colin Wu shared a screenshot from the main Discord channel of OpenSea, the world’s leading cryptocurrency marketplace. The screenshot suggests that scammers have gained control of the channel.

The OpenSea team allegedly shared on Twitter that scammers hacked the main OpenSea Discord server and posted fake announcements about cooperation.

Scammers misinformed their users by claiming that the cryptocurrency platform OpenSea has partnered with the YouTube video hosting platform and is apparently coining exclusive NFTs for the celebrations.

Only the first 100 participants will be able to receive their tokens at a discount. It is very important for OpenSea Discord followers to immediately check our website to confirm the validity of this fake link.

Scammers have tried to take advantage of fans by pretending that they would get exclusive access to services on OpenSea. They are in no way connected with the mint, refuse the offer as an exclusive unique opportunity and try to confuse people with irrelevant or inaccurate technical details.

OpenSea Establishes API for Crypto Professionals

OpenSea launches an API-based platform for crypto professionals that allows them to participate in blockchain token events from an expert’s point of view. As previously reported by U.Today, on April 1, 2022, a number of Discord servers connected to a high-level NFT collection were hacked in the same way.

The scammers compromised the server of a Discord group used by the followers of the Bored Apes Yacht Club collection. They used this to steal around $65,000 worth of Ethereum.

In addition, OpenSea has introduced an API module today. The new protocol, called the OpenSea Stream API, is designed to provide developers with real-time information about the marketplace. It provides access to events such as price fluctuations, setting offers, bids and changes in ownership.

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