The Kraken exchange is preparing to launch its NFT marketplace

The Kraken NFT marketplace would allow zero gas fees on all NFT transactions on the platform.

The leading crypto exchange Kraken has announced that the waiting list for its non-fungible token (NFT) market is open.

It’ ad , released on Tuesday, comes a few months after the US cryptocurrency company revealed plans to launch Kraken NFT. This will be the NFT crypto exchange marketplace which is being touted as a “complete solution” for users looking to explore, exchange and secure NFT collections.

Zero gas fees for transactions on the platform

Among the many features that users should benefit from when using the new NFT platform, Kraken says to be “zero gas fees” on all transactions involving NFTs kept on the platform.

» Once your NFT is kept with Kraken NFT, you will not pay any blockchain network fees for trading activities that take place within our platform “, the Kraken team said in a blog post.

According to the exchange, users will only pay the gas fee when they transfer NFTs on or off the market.

Use cash or crypto

Kraken NFT will offer users access to buy and sell NFT in cash or crypto, depending on the customer’s preference. Depending on the platform, this will happen via a seamless integration of the NFT account with a customer’s Kraken account.

In this way, offers can be listed in fiat currencies such as USD, EUR and GBP, among others. Users will also have access to more than 120 cryptocurrencies.

Other features include support for multiple blockchains

Kraken NFT will eventually support several blockchains, but the initial launch, according to the team, will involve support for Ethereum and Solana.

In addition to supporting several blockchains, the marketplace will also integrate the protocols and security measures applied on the main network to secure the NFT platform.

Meanwhile, the creators of NFT on the platform will benefit from a reward system that ensures them a reduction in the income made in secondary sales. This will work through a feature called Creator Earnings.

Kraken NFT Marketplace will join a list of other NFT platforms from leading cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinbase, Binance, FTX and KuCoin.

Projects are coming in droves and first as the NFTs space continues to experience rapid growth. The industry has seen billions of dollars worth of digital collectibles traded in 2021.

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