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5 Crypto Casinos Paying Dividends in 2023

Over the last few years, Crypto casinos have continued to grow in popularity. With so many options out there, casinos have had to start offering some pretty impressive bonuses to attract new customers. Recently, many crypto casinos have taken a bold new step by providing loyal players with dividend payouts on the platform. So, if you’d like to snag a piece of the crypto casino pie for yourself, we’ve put together a list of the best dividend payouts for token staking, as well as the benefits of each.


Easily one of the largest crypto casinos out there today, TrustDice lets users claim extra rewards and boost their mining output via their native TXT utility token. By mining TXT, users earn the right to take part in a loyalty program built around rewarding contributors. Thanks to TrustDice, it’s never been easier to level up your mining power.

Staking TXT tokens on the platform ups your mining bonus, making you eligible for dividends. These are based on the amount of TXT locked by all users across the platform. The dividend pool on TrustDice is made up of 50% of all Dice profits, meaning that any growth of the platform benefits all holders.

Unfortunately, locked tokens can’t be used for tipping, playing games, or making withdrawals. This serves to incentivize users to continue to use the platform. At the end of the day, TXT provides an amazing opportunity to collect rewards and increase your mining power while contributing to the larger TrustDice community.


The only NFT casino, WAGMI is a true innovator in the space. Their NFTs give you a wide range of benefits like access to the monthly Cashpot– a reward that grows proportionately with the platform. The more revenue that the platform generates, the higher the monthly payouts for NFT holders.

To get access to this massive dividend pot, you just need to hold one NFT token and keep an active account. WAGMI’s NFTs are available in several different tiers, and each one offers unique perks such as cash boosts, free spins, and reloads. Those who hold high-level NFTs, and loyal players, are able to access the WAGMI concierge service to curate offers and promotions specifically for you to make sure you get access to all of the latest deals.


EarnBet is one of the most well-respected platforms out there and gives you a chance to collect a share of their total revenue through their native BET tokens. Unlike some other sites, EarnBet doesn’t have a “traditional” VIP program, but anyone who owns BET tokens receives all the benefits that one would expect. BET tokens are easily available on most major exchanges, and they can also be earned by playing games on the site. Staked tokens can be used to collect token points and get a cut of the site’s dividends; the longer they’re staked, the more points you earn.

J9BC, a Binance Smart Chain-based token, is the native token of the J9 casino. Holders earn a share of the platform’s profits from a dividend pool generated by the losses of all users that payout every day to all J9BC holders. Earning tokens is easy. All you have to do is play. Every bet on the site creates earnings for all holders; winners earn their payouts in USDT while losers earn rebates in J9BC equal to 10 percent of the bet amount. At the end of each day, J9 uses 5 percent of its daily prize fund to buy back J9BC paying users for their earned tokens.


One of the very first crypto casinos to offer wager mining, BetFury is a long-term innovator. On their platform, all active players easily earn BFG tokens by playing slots or in-house games. The more tokens you hold, the larger your dividends payout. A total of 3 percent of the platform’s profits go directly to the dividends pool to be distributed among BFG holders each and every day, giving you a share of BetFury’s daily profits.

To get your cut, you only need to hold BFG tokens in your account. You can easily withdraw or reinvest these dividends at any time without restriction, and holding more BFG tokens results in a higher payout and access to exclusive games and promotions.All in all, there’s no shortage of supported iGaming playgrounds that offer dividend shares. Passively earning while also playing Bitcoin Live Blackjack games on the same platform that provides both do bring that little bit of extra nudge between competitors in this field. With the ever-increasing viability of crypto and its growing integration with financial markets, the number and value of offerings are only likely to accelerate in the coming years or even become a standard.

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