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Shibnobi Builds On Its Gains, Announces Whitelist SweepWidget Contest For $Shinja Holders

As Shibnobi, the world’s deadliest Shiba, continues to gain massive momentum, the team is pleased to make the following announcements:

Whitelist SweepWidget Contest

The team announced that the giveaway contest for a spot in our BSC token’s presale is LIVE! To participate in the contest, you will need to visit the link in the pinned post on the official Twitter page, fill out the required information, and complete all of the tasks. As you participate in the contest, be wary of scammers as they are on the lookout for vulnerable investors to dupe. Shibnobi will never ask you for money or gift cards to participate in the contest or giveaway.

At the end of the giveaway, the presale site will go live. Holders will then be able to see if they won by connecting their wallet to the site. If they are prompted to prepurchase BSC Shinja, then their wallet won a whitelist spot.

Cliff has offered to provide centralized exchanges the ETH Shinja token is listed on with whitelist spots to give away. He has reached out to the CEX operators in this regard. If by the middle of the week, all 4600 whitelist spots have not yet been filled, the team will open up the remaining spots for those who hold Shinja in a DeFi wallet and have completed the SweepWidget form correctly.

Merch Store Revamp

Shibnobi plans to revamp its merch store by making the merchandise cheaper compared to its original prices. The team members, led by Xavier, met with a new manufacturer to facilitate this process. The manufacturer assured that the shipping process will also be faster than previous operations. Once perfected, the merch store website will be revamped to reflect the new products.


The team made it known that Shibnobi’s NFTs are ready to be deployed on the market. However, the team’s focus is channeled towards the newly launched Dojoswap V2 and BSC token. The first NFT will hit the market after the BSC launch, approximately one or two weeks after the launch. Investors are encouraged to continue to check this space for more news regarding the NFT launch.

New Charity

The Shibnobi team will start raising funds to empower the downtrodden in their Nigerian community. Initially, the team intends to raise $24,000 to construct a water storage tank for the community. Channels will be made available to start accepting donations soon.

About Shibnobi

Shibnobi is currently the world’s leading Shiba on the crypto market. Designed and developed by a team of experienced and knowledgeable blockchain experts and technocrats, Shibnobi brings immense value and intends to disrupt the present-day crypto market. It leverages a reflection mechanism to create different streams of income for community members.

Its utility token, $Shinja, originated on the Ethereum blockchain, and plans have been made to launch the token on other networks in the future. The token operates via the POS consensus and will be used in a vast number of ways within the Shibnobi ecosystem. When swapping tokens on Dojoswap, you can use the token to pay for transaction fees. Additionally, $Shinja has been listed on popular exchanges like Uniswap, FEGex, BitMart, ProBit, Hotbit, and LBank.











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