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Why Crypto Projects Fail and How to Spot Great Opportunities (CFX Case Study)

The crypto world has a lot of scams. Huge, humongous scams that leave a foul stench on an industry that is otherwise full of limitless potential. As at the time of writing this, there are over 6700 crypto projects, coins, and tokens listed on CoinMarketCap with more coming online every few days. A lot of these cryptos are outright scam/Ponzi schemes, others are shortsighted projects that end up stalled losing their investors’ money.

Nonetheless, there are always unique opportunities among this crowd, great projects, with real vision and the teams to see them through. So why is it that so many crypto projects fall short? Why do they fail and how can you and keep our eyes peeled for the great projects that actually work?


As we are not talking of scam cryptos, the majority of the other category that fails are projects with lofty goals that are not well-thought-out. These are projects with great dreams on paper. It’s all fun and games raising money and making promises, but when it comes to actually deliver, very few projects walk-the-talk and this is where the difference arises. CFX as a stellar example is a project with bold goals that target a very difficult industry. However, its goals are within reach due to the fact that the parent company in the UK has years of experience creating the best products in the industry. The vision of the project has been weighed in all its consequences and the team has both the technology and the will to see the CFX dream come to life. 


Every great founder in the tech world knows that there will always be surprises along the way. A lot of failed crypto projects fail because of the lack of contingency plans that are set aside to confront emergencies. CFX is different and has special measures in its Token Economics for any such eventualities. 13.46% of all CFXQ will be kept as company reserves to help the company snap up unique opportunities, seal great partnerships, or tackle any challenges down the line. If your project thinks its ICO/IEO will go as is on paper without space for growth or adjustments along the way, it is probably setting itself to fail.


The culture of Amazon and the reason for its wild success has always been customer care. All great companies have a certain great character that defines them. This important ingredient is what is lacking in most crypto projects and that is why a lot fo them lose their way and fail before coming to fruition. CFX has a parent company with years of working in one of the most tightly-regulated jurisdictions around the world, the UK. This is a project that also puts user experience as its number one priority, and with such laser focus, you can be certain that this is a project for the times ahead. Raising money can be done by any junk coin, creating a lasting impact is only achieved by few like CFX

The unique opportunity to be part of the CFX journey is at hand. You can be first on the floor for this great project today by investing via the LA Token Exchange. With investor interest at heart, an incredible team spearheading the crusade, and a searing technology powering the platform, CFX is set to leave an indelible mark on the financial industry around the world.

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