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Top 8 Coins that could Bring Profits in 2020

Top 8 Coins that could Bring Profits in 2020

With the end of 2020 in sight, investors are eager to capture some last-minute returns within the market. Luckily, there is no shortage of opportunities in the sector. This year saw the introduction of new technologies and game-changing features within the market. These new functionalities helped to drive blockchain adoption to new heights.

The crypto market continues to expand. Today it encompasses thousands of platforms that all provide some form of unique advantage to the market. Sadly, all of these new platforms entering the market in such a quick succession have made it difficult for new investors to decipher the best opportunities. Luckily, you don’t need to spend the rest of the year attempting to play catch-up. Here are some of the most advantageous and exciting projects for 2020:


Apollo splashed onto the scene with the intention to provide Dapp developers a new level of programmability and a host of new features. Since its introduction, Apollo has managed to capture the hearts and minds of the crypto sector. Today, this next-generation protocol continues to be a pioneering force in the sector.


Apollo provides users and developers a more streamlined approach to their most basic functionalities. For example, Dapp developers are no longer limited in the amount of data their protocols can include. Apollo utilizes advanced sharding methods to create a limitless Dapp development environment.


Apollo achieved many firsts in the industry. The platform was the first Blockchain to add true quantum resistance to its protocols. Additionally, the platform can host ICOs, Atomic Swaps, and much more.

Easy to Use

Unlike the competition, you don’t need to understand any programming languages to build a token on Apollo. The platform integrates an easy-to-follow interface that walks you through the entire process from start to finish. You can find Apollo on the BitMart exchange.


GSX made a name for itself within the stable coin community due to its unmatched transparency and security. Today, GSX holds the title as the world’s only Quantum secured stable coin. This coin relies on the Apollo blockchain to secure its network.

All GSX tokens are pegged to physical gold or gold-mining operations. In this way, the platform is able to borrow the best elements from a stable coin, cryptocurrency, and investment coin to create an amazing opportunity.

Currently, GSX is only available at  GSX holders gain true ownership rights over the firm’s holdings. These rights extend to all land rights, mining companies, and all mining assets. Investors receive yearly dividends based on these holdings. Currently, the coin is in pre-sale with up to 50% discount for early bird investors. 


Ethereum maintains its spot as the king of the Dapp sector. Even with all the competition and new functionalities that blockchains such as Apollo bring to the market, Ethereum continues to garner new users. This growth can be attributed to a variety of reasons. For one, the platform constantly updates its Solidity programming language. These updates help streamline the Dapp programming process.

Additionally, Ethereum is set to undergo one of its biggest updates yet. The platform will transfer over from a PoW consensus mechanism to a PoS system before the year’s end This migration will give Ethereum a more eco-friendly position in the market. It will also allow Ethereum users to stake their holding and earn passive income.


Ripple (XRP) still remains a dominant coin in the market. This unique financial instrument has seen some significant growth to its Ripple Network over the last couple of months. Already, Ripple has partnerships with MoneyGram, Santander, and Visa, with more expected to happen before the end of 2020. 

As RippleNet expands, so does the value of this bank-centric coin. Today, Ripple maintains a spot in the top 5 cryptocurrencies globally in terms of market capitalization. This position doesn’t appear to be in danger as the platform has a strong following within the crypto community. 


When it comes to privacy, Monero is one of the best and oldest options in the market. Despite the fact that this coin has been out for years, it still sees heavy media coverage due to its privacy-focused protocols. Privacy continues to be a hot button topic amongst the community. These concerns have only increased with the introduction of cheap blockchain forensic services.

This year saw Monero gain new popularity among the market. The coin was riding fresh highs this month until the supposed release of a software program that can successfully track its transactions. Despite this news, you can expect to see Monero continue to be a staple for the privacy community.


Litecoin is another classic coin that made the list. Litecoin integrated some major updates this year that saw this platform increase both transaction speeds and functionality. Originally dubbed as the “silver to Bitcoin’s gold“, Litecoin has had community support for years.

This year saw this coin secure a number of important partnerships. Perhaps the biggest partnership the firm announced in 2020 was with the world’s largest porn website, PornHub. PornHub currently has millions of active daily users who now have access to the site’s subscription services via Litecoin, Bitcoin, or fiat.


As the blockchain sector continues to explode, there is a need to organize, categorize, and provide new users access to all of these networks. COSMOS seeks to do just that via its ATOM token. COSMOS is an inter-blockchain protocol that enables cross-chain transactions.

The developers behind this platform realized that the blockchain sector continues to expand daily. Sadly, many of the best projects get drowned out by the steady stream of new platforms entering the market. COSMOS creates a sort of “internet of blockchains” to help users keep track and get the most from their experience.


Tezos is a smart contract and Dapp launch platform that utilizes advanced protocols to simplify the entire cryptocurrency experience. Interestingly, the word Tezos actually means “smart contract” in Greece. This platform made a name for itself following years of development.

Tezos received national media attention during its $232 million ICO that catapulted the platform into the headlines. Today, Tezos is seen as a smart upgrade to the Ethereum platform. For example, Tezos produces a block every second. This provides the platform with a remarkable TPS speed. Developers list Tezos’ capabilities at 1,402 blocks per day.

Top 8 Coins to Watch in 2020

Don’t miss out on any of these opportunities to expand your portfolio. All of these concepts are changing the very essence of the blockchain sector. As such, one can only assume that these platforms will continue to expand well into the future as blockchain adoption increases.

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