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SUBAJ’s Geo-Drop Technology Increases Traffic and Marketing Engagement

Crypto currencies are no longer limited to the store of value. Rapidly paving a way into our daily lives, cryptocurrency is changing almost every aspect of our life. With technology advancement and integration of different technologies, Blockchain landscape is changing from a currency to more usable tokens. SUBAJ blockchain platform is the new age reward platform that brings merchants and customers across the globe closer. Backed by Blockchain technology, the SUBAJ platform has redefined reward system aiming to make it more valuable for the customers and along with that it is coming with a disruptive technology of Geo-drop that will help merchants increase the traffic and marketing engagement.

GeoDrop technology has been patented by SUBAJ platform. The platform renders an extraordinary real-time engagement platform for merchants and customers. Developed by Mr. BayoSurakatu, the GeoDrop technology incorporated inside SUBAJ Blockchain platform will not only be a reward redemption platform, but it will be an eCommerce platform with single global cryptocurrency as a unit of trade. The customers will be able to accumulate the reward points and use them across multiple merchants who are part of the SUBAJ platform. Apart from that, it brings a new marketing and advertising channel for the merchants. The merchants can send real-time offers and discount notifications to the clients in their defined Geo Zone. The offers are not only a direct way to customers with customers but the proximity increases the chances of conversion significantly.

Geo dropping technology has been around for quite some time now but it is the first time it is empowering the shopping industry that is driven by blockchain. SUBAJ Blockchain allows the merchants to be part of the platform by creating their own customized tokens. The GeoDrop feature of the platform is backed by Artificial intelligence. It predicts the requirements of the customers around the merchant as per their search behavior and other aspects so that the merchants can drive sales by offering tailored real-time discounts that are in harmony with the customer requirements. A lot goes behind each geo-targeted notification that reaches the customers on the SUBAJ Platform. Collaborating with augmented reality, Social behavior and geographic location of customers is the new way for merchants to market themselves while the customers garner the advantages of special rewards more often.

SUBAJ Platform is a revolution on the global front that will offer merchants and customers a global decentralized marketplace that runs on Blockchain technology creating a trustless environment where retailers, wholesalers, institutes, and customers will thrive in an environment that offers mutual benefit.

To Wrap

SUBAJ platform will evolve as it is both a customer and merchant-centric platform. While it brings the customers a real-time offers and discounts source, they can also utilize the accumulated reward points over a more liquid-able channel.
For merchants, we have never witnessed such an engaging means of advertising and marketing. Utilizing the power of AI and GeoDrop technology, SUBAJ platform is a highly futuristic platform for the merchants who wish to stay ahead of the competition always.

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