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SafeETH Puts Forth A Revolutionary Way To Earn Yield

SafeETH has developed an automatic yield and liquidity generation system. SafeETH has its own way of generating yield and it does this by adding a 4% tax to every transaction. This fee is then split in half, with 2% being dispersed proportionally among the token holders and 2% goes to the liquidity pool. 

This means that whoever performs a transaction will contribute to the tax holdings, and the entire collection is returned back to benefit its investors. Hence the traders get profit 24/7 as others keep trading.This insures that all SafeETH investors gain not only by the price going up, but also by the token amount in their wallet going up. This method helps to compound its investors’ gains quickly.

The intention of SafeETH is to execute a way to gain yield from holding tokens without the process of staking or farming. This is a life-changing idea by SafeETH which can completely alter the need to stake or farm coins by having to store or lock them where they cannot be accessed easily.  This also tackles the issue of “Impermanent Loss,” which is something that stakers and liquidity providers understand all too well. SafeETH has removed the unnecessary hurdles that these other methods contain.

There are a few major benefits to the SafeETH process. One, the higher the transaction amount and/or transaction quantity, the more the investors get out of it. Two, this is also an opportunity for the investors to help themselves as they help SafeETH grow and evolve with more transactions and more fees. This makes the investors the main asset of SafeETH. 

Initially, SafeETH burned 60% of the tokens by sending them to the blackhole/burn address permanently reducing the supply. This blackhole address which receives a share of each transaction is also the largest holder of SafeETH. This ensures that the burn continues 24/7 which makes SafeETH a deflationary token. What this means is the circulating supply is always going down. With every transaction SafeETH becomes more and more rare, more and more valuable. The locking of the 2% in liquidity also has the effect of increasing the general price floor of SafeETH, guaranteeing the ability to trade in and out of the token with ease. This way, investors can be confident of a solid depository and enjoy a portion of the other 2% gain for themselves. 

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