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OMT Group of Companies Believes Blockchain Will Revolutionise The Travel Sector  

OMT Group of Companies, a Singapore-based travel consultancy with an extensive global network of wholesalers spanning 25 countries across four major markets, believes that blockchain will transform the tourism sector. From baggage tracking, secured payments to customer loyalty schemes, distributed ledger technology has great potential to improve linkages between various checkpoints within the traveller journey.

With blockchain technology, travellers can look forward to a seamless, decentralised platform where information about remittance, credit card details and passport details can be securely recorded, tracked and managed. At the same time, end-users can be rest assured that they will be protected from phishing scams and or activities that could potentially result in monetary losses. 

This also bodes well with OMT Group of Companies’ recent announcement of its blockchain-backed mobile application. As one of Singapore’s pioneers in the tourism sector to spearhead the use of emerging technology to operationalise its entire value chain, the travel consultancy’s efforts to digitalise is commendable.

Says Dr. James Yeow: “The core difference between our mobile application and a typical travel app is that it runs on blockchain technology, making monetary transactions secured and eliminating unnecessary commissions and administrative costs that are directly related to intermediary fees. Additionally, and to build a strong global consumer base, this new travel app targets to enrol a limited number of agents and also representative partners, globally, akin to that of travel enthusiasts and influencers.” 

Unveiling Top Travel Destinations For 2021 

In addition to unveiling its blockchain-backed mobile application, OMT Group of Companies is also delighted to unveil the top destinations for both regional and international travel. With insights drawn from both the travel consultancy’s e-commerce website and blockchain-backed mobile application, the destinations shortlisted are also ranked some of the world’s safest, given the shifting trends in travel. 

Shortlisted destinations are largely based on users’ search interest, duration of page views and online purchases made. From the desert dunes of the United Arab Emirates, the paddy fields of Thailand, the expansive au-naturel barrier reefs of Australia’s coastlines to the clear Polynesian waters of Bora Bora, enthusiasm for travel has always been high. And as countries reopen, travel is going to look a lot different with the new safety, testing and cleaning practices. Nonetheless, and according to a recent survey by Travel Leaders Group, 70% of international travellers are looking forward to vacationing in 2021.

While this trend is a sign of good things to come, safe travel still takes precedence over personal enjoyment and comfort.

Reflecting on what is important, the pandemic has compelled many people across the world to focus on families and rebuilding relationships. Staying close to home and spending time with the family are top of mind for the majority of travellers. Globally, travellers are also placing their faith in brands they trust and are likely equating brand trust with cleanliness. While factors such as price, loyalty programmes, location for hotel accommodations and schedules for airlines carried fairly equal weight in the past, brand trust – including confidence in safety and cleanliness – is now the top purchase driver among end-users.

About OMT Group 

OMT Group of Companies ( is one of Southeast Asia’s largest travel and tourism groups. In partnership with leading travel operators around the world, OMT has achieved a proven track record of delivering conference, incentive and holiday solutions to corporate and Association clients. OMT Group of Companies is also the proud main supplier of travel products and services to CYTT Chang You Travel Alliance. 

For more information, please get in touch with: 

Cathy Joyce Tan 
Account Manager (Public Relations) 
[email protected] (65) 9796070

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