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Mason Tyler is the lead development team for AF Gold.

Mason Tyler is the lead development team for AF Gold.

He graduated from Birmingham University. And he is an IT expert, master of crypto transactions who has Participated in many Crypto projects, TRON, P20 and many blockchain awards …

A blockchain can be AFG (coin) as a growing and corresponding sequence or chain of records, called blocks. Each of those blocks contains a cryptographic hash or ‘identity ‘of the previous block, transaction data and its timestamp. As a P2P network usually manages a blockchain, most nodes in that network must be in consensus to approve any change in any block. Those nodes are computers, and each has a copy of the blockchain. A transaction is written into the ledger only if approved by a more significant number of nodes after inspection of the hash.

With many uses in financial inclusion, smart contracts, and investments and transactions, blockchain technology is a powerful tool for fighting fraud, as the records cannot be altered retroactively.

With the above evaluation criteria, Coinmarket’s team has thoroughly researched the developing projects in Europe. We reached out to more than 60 experts and reviewed some 1200 organizations in over 20 countries.

After synthesizing the information and scrutinizing them thoroughly, a project stunned us by its enormous potential. This is AFG (coin) – a AFG (COIN) blockchain development project from the UK. Here are the reasons why Coinmarket can claim this!

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