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GSX vs TetherGold – Who is the Real Champion?

GSX vs TetherGold - Who is the Real Champion

As of late, there has been a lot of discussion around stablecoins and the vital role they play in the market. Today, there are stablecoins pinned to nearly every major commodity, fiat currency, and cryptocurrency. While all of these various types of stable coins provide a slightly different service to the industry, only a few go above-and-beyond the market standards to deliver a one-of-kind product.

Gold Pinned Stable Coins

Since the dawn of the crypto age, developers have sought to create some form of “digital gold.”  Regular gold worked when only the richest people in the land needed access to funds daily. However, gold is not capable of handling the vast amount of microtransactions today’s fast-paced economy requires.


There is one way that gold gains some of these attributes and that is through gold-pinned stable coins. Gold-pinned stable coins derive their value from underlying assets. Usually, these assets are physical gold bullion held in vaults. However, these coins can encompass a huge array of gold-related instruments.

Market Congestion

The concept of providing the stability of gold with the convenience of cryptocurrencies is one that the sector embraced from day one. Community support has led the market to experience a sort of “digital gold rush” as more platforms enter the space weekly. Of these platforms, two stand out amongst the competition. GSX and TetherGold.

GSX vs TetherGold

Both of these coins are gold-pinned stablecoins that provide users the ability to conduct fast transactions globally for reasonably low rates. However, there are some significant differences between the platforms that make it easy to see which coin holds the most potential. 

True Ownership

One of the main differences in the platforms is the actual assets the coins are pinned to. For example, TetherGold owners derive value from a vault that houses physical gold. This strategy is common in the market. TetherGold also employs third-party auditing systems to keep users informed as to the value of their holdings.


GSX goes a step further. Their coin represents actual and true ownership in the entire gold mining operations. Specifically, GSX tokens are pinned to Apollo Financial’s 5,000 square foot gold mining facility. The token represents a share of ownership in the gold, the actual land, and the mining assets used by the frim. Since you are part owner of this operation, you also receive some nice dividends.


GSX pays its token holders yearly dividends from its mining operations. These dividends are proportionate to your holdings within the GSX ecosystem. Best of all, these payments go directly into your wallet when the time arrives. The entire process utilizes smart contracts to streamline and automate the procedures.

Removing Human Error

GSX leverages its advanced business systems to ensure that no human error occurs within the network. The entire platform requires no human intervention to function. Your dividends, reports, and other vital data are all sent to your wallet via pre-programmed protocols that exist on the Apollo blockchain. In this way, you gain an extra layer of confidence in your investment.


Transparency is another area in which GSX outshines TetherGold. Both firms permit third-party audits of their holdings. GSX publishes these results on its blockchain for all token holders to see instantly. In this way, the platform keeps its investors in the loop and up-to-date on all relevant developments.


GSX inches out TetherGold in terms of scalability also. GSX resides on the Apollo blockchain. This fourth-generation blockchain enables lightning fast payments with minuscule fees. Apollo is the most scalable blockchain in the market today. The platform can process transactions at the same rate as Visa and Mastercard.


TetherGold is able to process transactions but it’s not one of its main purposes. On average, a TetherGold transaction takes around 6-seconds to complete. Notably, Tether issuance has occurred on a variety of different blockchains. These blockchains have varying tps rates.


Since GSX is part of the Apollo ecosystem, it also has the highest level of security in the sector. Apollo is the only quantum-resistant blockchain in the market today. Consequently, GSX is the only quantum resistant stablecoin in the world. If you aren’t worried about the effects of quantum computing on today’s blockchain networks, you should be.


A single quantum computer has the capability to wreak havoc on PoW and PoS blockchains. These computers are thousands of times faster than anything currently in the market. Luckily, these machines cost millions to own and operate. Tomorrow, they may not be so expensive.


At the core of GSX is a highly programmable blockchain. Apollo delivers a streamlined experience to Dapp programmers through a variety of futuristic technologies. For example, GSX can enjoy more Dapp expansion because Apollo’s blockchain utilizes sharding.


Sharding is a storage method that allows a network to store more information and retrieve the data faster when needed. Sharding provides the Apollo ecosystem with unlimited storage and expansion capabilities. In comparison, TetherGold will only ever function as a gold-pinned stable coin.


It’s easy to see that GSX provides users with more usability than TetherGold. GSX functions as a stablecoin, a cryptocurrency for daily transactions, and an investment vehicle that pays yearly dividends. There is no other coin in the market that is this versatile and flexible.

Use Cases

GSX’s usability has not gone unnoticed by the market. There is already a multitude of government and commercial pilot programs under way utilizing the Apollo ecosystem. GSX will be privy to a large amount of these platforms thanks to Apollo’s interoperability protocols. In this way, GSX exceeds all the capabilities of stable coins prior.

Who’s the Champion

While both of these projects are great investments. Especially since the price of gold is set to rise for the foreseeable future, it’s now clear that GSX offers some unique features that make it more usable. GSX is currently available only at The company is having a pre-sale event that offers 50% discounts to select investors.

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