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Exploring the finance industry’s top referral programs in 2021

Through 2020, the volume of capital and new dealers entering the crypto market has been reliably constructed and is prepared to keep on acquiring energy as we move into 2021. For crypto trades, this implies enormous cash! In light of this opportunity, a number of crypto exchanges offer some very attractive rewards for their referring clients. For this reason, more established and popular trading platforms will yield the highest ROI and make for the best referral programs. Let’s walk through some Best Referral Programs Available Today via this article!

With regards to the account business, contributing and exchanging isn’t the best way to procure income and develop one’s capital. Those that have built up a name for themselves inside the account business either by being a notable dealer or expert or those that have broad informal communities can adapt their followings and adherents by stretching out solicitations to exchanging stages that offer reference or partner advertising programs.

At the point when one of these supporters, companions, relatives, or others follow the provided greeting to the exchanging stage offering reference programs – either through a following URL or some other strategy – and begin exchanging all alone, the first referrer ordinarily gets a type of commission on the alluded client’s exchanging expenses, an income share, or an expense for each procurement charge.

For traders that regularly find success with their trading strategies, a robust referral program can often help them decide on which platform to use, as the stronger the referral program, the more profit potential that’s possible.

Here are the top referral programs the finance industry has to offer.

King Mining (a.k.a Bitcoinnami)

King Mining is a financial application that allows users to deposit and receive interest and borrow money as collateral with digital assets: The asset holder wants to deposit the asset on the exchange to receive interest periodically up to 6.5% annual percentage rate. While, borrowers pledge assets at a rate of X% to the floor, when the property price falls below the specified contract liquidation. King Mining accepted Cryptos such as BTC, USDT, ETH, BTCN with an interesting rate for users.

King Mining is famous with advantages below:

  • Help reduce additional fees compared to the traditional method.
  • Loan approval speed is faster than usual
  • Fixed and attractive interest rate
  • Eliminate the need for a middleman
  • Reduce latency and quickly approve
  • Bring transparency
  • Effective loan process
  • Smart contracts quickly automate the lending process
  • Peer-to-peer loans offer better interest rates than traditional loans

BitcoinNami and many other cryptocurrencies offer you good profits for referrals. With BitcoinNami, whenever the people you refer to invest in mining BTCN, you will get 5% value of this package. Furthermore, you also can get 5% of binary income and receive bonuses from $200 – $5,000 weekly if you participate in this referral program. Find more information via Bitcoinnami. This is a form that brings a lot of profits to investors.


The stage detonated onto the scene in 2018, and its development has been filled basically through verbal exchange over the stage’s high level exchanging apparatuses and the worthwhile, four-level reference program.

PrimeXBT’s referral program is designed for traders to easily share with friends, family, or with followers on social media, and is among the best the finance industry has to offer. Traders get 20% back in commissions of direct referrals, however, what makes the program interesting is that any new users the original direct referral makes also earns a commission on the original referrer’s referrals, up to four levels deep.

Direct referrals offer 20% commissions, while level 2, 3, and 4 earn 15%, 10%, and 5% respectively. The top three earners have already made over 51 BTC and over $440,000 according to the platform’s affiliate leaderboard.

The most experienced partners can receive increased, individualized rates ranging from $60 each for partners who have signed up over 100+ first time deposits, to $80 for partners with over 200+ first time deposits.


Binance is among the top cryptocurrency trading platforms by volume and offers a massive variety of exotic altcoins and a breadth of trading instruments including futures, spot, and margin trading.

The platform’s referral program is among the more unique programs, where users can split their commission share with the users they refer to in what the platform calls a “Friend Commission Kickback.”

The program advertises 40% in commissions that the referrer can then split with their friends, in a 20/20 or 30/10 split, either favoring the friend or referrer. It’s not quite clear why a referrer would want to offer more commissions to a friend than themselves, but the option is there for those feeling exceptionally generous.

The 40% in trading commissions are a bit of smoke and mirrors, though, as upon digging deeper, there’s a caveat that unless you’re holding 500 BNB worth of Binance Coin – the platform’s native crypto asset – then the commission’s top out at just 20%, and the friends cut is split up from there.

Binance makes it easy to share referral links to friends with a QR code or tracking URLs and offers fast payments in cryptocurrency.


Although BitMEX is regularly surrounded by controversy, traders still swear by the platform and there’s no denying their referral program is straightforward and easy to get others to sign up for, due to the fact that any new referrals are offered a 10% discount on trading fees for their first six months on the platform.

It makes enlisting new users an easier sell, allowing existing users to profit further off bringing new blood to the platform.

BitMEX offers daily BTC payouts on rates of up to 20% in commissions. To achieve such a level, referrals must reach up to 10,000 BTC in trading turnover. Under 10,000 BTC but over 1,000 BTC gets 15% in commissions, and under 1,000 BTC gets just 10%.

The big catch is that a referred user must sign up within 7 days of being referred to the platform via a URL for the referral to count.


The referral programs listed above are varied in nature and how much revenue can be earned. Carefully analyzing what each platform has to offer not only in terms of their referral programs, but their assets and trading tools matter in the long run and can make a world of difference in bolstering ROI.

Hope this article has given you useful information. Many thanks for reading.

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