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Bryan Seiler, TAGZ CEO: The Self-Made Entrepreneur

Bryan Seiler, the Founder, and CEO of TAGZ have been involved in his fair share of heated debates and ‘anti-scam targeting’ against him with his past involvement in Fitrova. Throughout 2017, most crypto enthusiasts labeled the project as a scam and it faced a lot of heat from protestors ganging up together to spread FUD. However, as any good leader, Bryan Seiler faced the problem head-on and despite his greatest attempts to save the Fitrova project with his limited resources and capital, the project did end up leaving Bryan and most investors disheartened. The main concern with all the debated arguments was the fact that Fitrova never had any GYM partnerships and that it was all a lie. Though the partnerships were available, NDAs were put in place which prevented Bryan from disclosing any information (as seen here in this YouTube video). Bryan chose to put his name and reputation on the line and protect his project however, the heat was too much and ended by burning him alive. Bryan Seiler owned up by admitting his mistakes and failures and chose to put his vast knowledge of the Cryptosphere to the test by using the lessons learned and applying it to doing something bigger and better for the Crypto community. Bryan harnessed his strength as a leader and moved on to becoming the CEO of TAGZ, through which he aimed at putting his business acumen and innovation skills to drive TAGZ to the top of the list of exchanges worldwide.


TAGZ is Now #1 in the World in Terms of Volume and Liquidity!

TAGZ does not only claim to be among the top exchanges around the world but also has the numbers to back it up. With an average daily volume of $3,505,482,198 and a 28.55% rise in the past 30 days, TAGZ now ranks as the number 1 crypto exchange on the most trusted exchange-info platform, CoinMarketCap.



What Exactly Makes TAGZ Stand-Out From Other Exchanges?

If you are huge on exchanges, you may have noticed that most platforms usually charge a trading fee. In the long-run, this may end up costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars. TAGZ approaches fees from a different perspective, enabling trading without fees but imposes a withdrawal fee higher than normal. However, note that the withdrawal fees sit around the $5 mark, which is way less compared to how much you would have spent with trading and exchange fees.


TAGZ’s Sleek Unique & Simple GUI User Interface

Trading by itself is a difficult skill to master. When you factor in cryptocurrency exchange and trading, this becomes a whole different challenge, and for non-tech and non-finance guys, here is where they draw the line and give up. However, with TAGZ Exchange, everything is well layered out with stylish and very easy to use User Interface. TAGZ interface allows users to submit orders by market, limit, and even allows creation and management of stop-loss orders, which is a big positive compared to most other exchanges who do not offer this option.

(TAGZ user interface)

With over 400,000 active registered users and 27 markets, TAGZ may appear to be just another exchange platform. However, this is not the case as one of the best Exchanges. TAGZ is a trusted and accredited exchange platform with working withdrawals and an active support team. What’s more, with a constant growth rate since its launch in March, TAGZ looks to continue growing its customer base, volume and in the number of markets it serves.

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